A couple of days ago Real Racing 3 was announced for both iOS and Android. This is the third installment in the Real Racing franchise and the graphics in the game has definitely been taken up a notch. Now if you’ve enjoyed the franchise and you’d like to show how much you’ve enjoyed it, Steel Series has announced the Real Racing 3 headset. Priced at $100, the Real Racing 3 headset is painted a stark white with the Real Racing 3 logo on the side in a shiny chrome-like finish. The ear plates have also been designed to resemble a speedometer as well and the headset will feature 40mm driver speaker units.

The headset will also come with a detachable cable for those who accidentally tug on the cables during gameplay or walking, an in-line microphone that allows the headset to double up as a hands free piece, and if your friend would like to hear what’s going on while you play the game, the headset will also come with an additional port that your friend can plug their headset into. Steel Series has typically been known to create gaming peripherals for computer and consoles, so it’s a little odd that they have decided to create one for a mobile game. Either way with it being priced at $100, it does seem a little steep, but to each their own, right?

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