Back in the day, the only way to access the internet would be via a computer either at home, or at a public library. However as technology advanced, the internet began to become widely available in public places, and eventually it evolved to the point where we can now access the internet on our phones or tablets. Interestingly though, despite computers these days being a lot more powerful than they were back in the day, a study by the Pew Research Center has found that a good many teens use their phones as the main way to access the internet.

According to their figures, 25% of teens are considered “cell-mostly” internet users. This is versus adults where 15% claim that they access the internet mostly on their mobile devices. The research has also found an increase in smartphone usage amongst teens. The report compared figures from 2011 where 23% of teens owned a smartphone, and compared it against 2012 and found that the number has increased to 37%. This seems to go against a report by Nielsen back in September who claims that the figure should be sitting at around 58%.

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