Japan is well known for their range of quirky items, so here we are with something interesting that might just pique your curiosity to pick one up, or perhaps import an entire carton of it. What we are referring to would be this particular notebook that is known as the Sukatto notebook. What makes the Sukatto notebook different from the rest in the market would be its special design that is easily ripped apart. In fact, the company behind the Sukatto notebook claims that the pages were not made for writing, but for ripping instead.

Imagine writing down all of your frustrations and complaints onto the Sukatto notebook, or perhaps that angry letter at your spouse or other half for leaving the toilet seat up for the umpteenth time despite asking him to put it down when he’s done, followed by ripping that page to pieces! It seems that the developers of the Sukatto notebook claim that throughout their “research”, the paper used here shreds in a way that delivers maximum satisfaction…

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