While a recent report has shown that Android might be leading tablet market share in 2013, as far as iPads are concerned, a new report from TechBargains has shown that interest in Apple’s iPad mini is on the rise. Last year when TechBargain conducted their survey prior to the release of the iPad mini, only 18% of those surveyed said that they would buy it, and now those numbers have jumped by nearly double to 33%. The survey went on to ask customers about some of the features they’d like to see. It should be noted that these features were asked without regards to cost, meaning that for some, these features might only be wishful thinking.

Either way a good majority of those surveyed asked for longer battery life and a faster processor. Unsurprisingly a bulk of those survey also wished for the next-gen iPad mini to feature a Retina Display, while some expressed their desire for the new iPad mini to be even thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Other survey takers have also asked for a USB port, better speakers and even multiple user accounts, although the latter might have more to do with iOS rather than the iPad mini itself. Is TechBargain’s survey on par with what you’ve noticed around you? Are there more people interested in the iPad mini these days compared to last year?

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