You know that when the Taliban is around, trouble is not very far away. In fact, Pakistani Taliban did mention threats that they will blow up (as usual) a mobile phone market as that particular market was involved in the “shameless” selling of video clips, ringtones and accessories. Around 60 shopkeepers in the northwestern city received letters that requested them to burn the offending stock, and that would comprise of memory cards and portable speakers, too. In fact, they have been asked to remain selling just mobile phones and the bare bones accessories.

History did show that DVD and CD shops have been on the receiving end of bombs by militants, where they branded these businesses as “un-Islamic”. One of the letters mentioned, “Do not compel us to send a bomber. Stop this shameless business in one week and burn the shameful stuff. Just sell mobile phones, batteries and chargers. Your markets have become centres of shamelessness. Our mission is to stop this shameless business and if you do not stop it yourself then we will make an example of you and your market.”

Hopefully the officials and police will be able to step up on security measures to prevent such a wanton act of violence which could lead to the unnecessary loss of life.

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