Hmmm, have you ever been on the receiving end of a taser before? That is not a very nice feeling for sure, and sometimes, you know that you are in for a whole world of pain (as well as trouble) when the authorities wield a taser in your direction. The thing is, here is a potential “weapon” that would easily find a place in any sci-fi universe – the Taser Sword.

The Stun Sword is not something that can be purchased off the shelf, but rather, it is part of YouTube user Jonathan’s attempts to equip a double-bladed Shock Mod Ninja Sword with Taser-like functionality. Of course, since this is a hobbyist project, do not expect the kind of polish in the final product, as though it was part of a military device rollout. The Stun Sword comes with a simple switch that can activate the shock function as and when required, and there is also a regular wall socket plug on the end of the grip so that you can juice it up whenever it runs out of juice. Someone make a Fruit Ninja sword upgrade already!

Note: Taser International has contacted the author of the video about the use of “Taser” in the original movie presenting this sword. Since it’s not a Taser product, he has since removed that word in his video, so we’re renaming it to “Stun” Sword instead.

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