For those who are old enough to know what a Tamagotchi is back when you were a starry eyed kid, then you would surely be pleased to hear that there is the chance to roll back the years with the TechPet app, a free download which allows you to take care of your animal on your iPhone or iPod touch. Interestingly enough, the moment you plug the device into your headphone jack, the pet itself will suddenly come to life, as though by magic. Your iPhone’s display ends up as the puppy’s face, while the rest of the body will respond accordingly. Best of all is, there is no poop for you to pick up with the TechPet. to your actions.

Still, the TechPet is more or less an improved version of the Tamagotchi, where you can nurture it through feeding, grooming and playing. Expect additional features and games to be unlocked as you master the art of taking care of a virtual pet, and it is capable of informing you whenever it feels neglected, sick or sad via “barking”, movements and facial expressions. You can pick up the TechPet in pink, white and dalmatian shades for $59.99 a pop.

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