Designers Olivier Mével and Marc Chareyron have come up with what they call the TeleSound, which is a speaker that will clearly bring back memories of the classic 1960s rotary phone. What makes the TeleSound up to date with the current 21st century is its ability to play back the sound equivalent that it received from emoticon messages that were sent from a smartphone or a tablet. This is a cute idea, but whether it will be able to take off in a big way remains to be seen, of course.

TeleSound has worked with Emoji so that they are able to offer more than a thousand different sounds, ensuring that it does not get old (that fast). For instance, the birthday cake icon will result in a clip from “Happy Birthday” being played, while the lips icon will send a kissing sound, et al. Just choose a friend, type one or a series of icons, and send them, where the receiving party with the TeleSound will then be able to enjoy whatever you sent. [Kickstarter Page]

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