There have been questions raised recently and in the past if computer programming should be a mandatory subject in schools. With smartphones and tablets becoming commonplace, new job opportunities as developers for mobile applications have arisen, to the extent that the Boy Scouts of America has decided to introduce a Game Design Merit Badge. The badge has been recently introduced and it should be noted that the game design is not limited to digital games, but board games, puzzles, and etc.

So how does a Scout earn this particular badge? Well according to the requirements, the Scout will need to analyze the different types of games that are available, describe its content and theme, understand intellectual property as well as keep a notebook where his progress, such as design and concept are made note of. The concept will be tested and the Scout will be given feedback, and once the game has been approved, a prototype will be created with all mediums encouraged, like we mentioned above, ranging from board games to puzzles to card games as well as digital ones.

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