It seems that you can add an “I” in front of anything these days and suddenly it sounds more hip. But what about kitchenware? Well the folks at Umbra might have something for you in the form of the iSpoon which is (as pictured above) a spoon that doubles as a stylus! Yup, the black portion of the spoon is actually a stylus which we imagine will be able to work with your smartphone or tablet device. Considering that smartphones and tablets tend to be pretty popular in the kitchen since recipes and cooking tutorial videos can be easily accessed, how about using the iSpoon to not only cook, but to navigate your mobile device at the same time? This should prevent you from getting food stuff onto your smartphone or tablet while allowing you to stir or taste your food as you go.

The iSpoon was designed by Jordan Murphy and it looks like it is currently out of stock. It is priced at $7 which as far as spoons are concerned, a little pricey, but as far as styluses go, it’s pretty cheap. We’re not sure when Umbra expects to get the iSpoon back in stock, but head on over if you’d like to find out more or to bookmark its page.

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