Househusbands, how are you the envy of other men out there who prefer to be in your shoes, where you are able to wake up late, have no kids to send to school yet, and basically keep the house in good working order, cooking dinner as the corporate, high-flying wife returns home from work. Well, role reversals are an interesting topic to explore, and an enterprising gamer decided to hack The Legend of Zelda, with Princess Zelda doing all of the swashbuckling work instead of Link.

Needless to say, the entire narrative will have to change from a brave man who is out to save a kingdom as well as a hot digitized chick, where a powerful warrior princess is now out to save her kingdom and a handsome in distress. I guess you might as well call this The Legend of Xena, Warrior Princess instead. You can check out the role reversal in the YouTube video above and have a good time reminiscing about the days of yore. What are some of the other games which you would like to see hacked, where the damsel in distress is now the savior of the game universe?

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