We reported on a levitating mouse yesterday as well as the possibility of using Kinect to operate your computer, ultimately replacing the need for the mouse. If those weren’t enough to satisfy your cravings, then perhaps this wearable mouse might be of interest to you. Dubbed the Mycestro, this is a mouse that you can wear on your finger and since it operates in 3D space, it allows for the control of computers simply by waving your finger and making gestures. It also comes with built-in sensors that can detect clicks made. In a way it’s sort of like the Kinect concept, although in this case it will be more subtle and you will need to wear it on your finger.

Since the Mycestro has yet to be released, we have no idea how it will actually perform in real life and if it will be more functional than troublesome, but with its Kickstarter having surpassed their goal by 100%, you will be able to find out for yourself once it goes on sale for $79. The Kickstarter project still has 22 days to go so you can head on over to pledge your support and nab yourself a Mycestro mouse once it goes into production. So, anyone planning on picking up one for themselves?

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