Apple’s retail stores usually have that clean and surgical look to them, but it fits well with the rest of their products. That being said, if you visit an Apple retail store in the future and have a burning desire to sit on those comfortable-looking black seats usually reserved for kids, you might want to rethink that. According to a post on Reddit by an ex-Apple employee, he claims that those seats actually play home to the collective pee of the hundreds of kids who sit on them while they fiddle around on the computers or tablets.


Referred to as “Pee Balls”, the Reddit poster claimed, “Apparently when kids are really into a game they will often choose to just pee in their seat without stopping what they’re doing. The result? Squishy black ball seats. I had never really believed that kids would do this until I walked by while they were retiring one of the balls one night.” Other users who claimed to have worked for Apple say the same thing, while other users claim that the balls were cleaned on a frequent basis and replaced if they got stained. Considering that it apparently costs $700 per ball, we can only imagine it gets pretty expensive.

Of course we can’t verify those details since we double Apple would come forward and admit it, so we will take this with a grain of salt for now. At the same time we guess just to play it safe, you might want to avoid those seats in the future as you never know.

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