When we talk about wireless connectivity, most of the time we might think of wireless networks at the local cafe or restaurant, and to a lesser extent, wireless charging which seems to be the next big thing concerning smartphones these days (no doubt tablets too, would eventually get on the wireless charging action in due time), but how about a wireless lamp? Normal circumstances would point towards a torchlight, but here we are with Toshiba’s brilliant engineers working to create a see-through (read: transparent) OLED lighting panel as well as an OLED lighting panel that supports wireless power transmission, and both of these were demonstrated at the Lighting Fair 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

Toshiba managed to come up with this “miracle” thanks to the implementation of integrated electromagnetic induction-type wireless power transmission technology within an OLED panel. The result itself will be a configurable light unit which does not require any pesky wires to work, and it is capable of supporting up to 9 wireless OLED panels within a single square frame, where different patterns can be worked out without any physical connection required. As for the new transparent OLED panel, it will emit most of its light in a single direction, hence increasing its energy efficiency while lowering light pollution.

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