No, you would not be mistaken for figuring out that the Triolin is a combination of three, well, violins. Artist Alex Sobolev is the one behind the Triolin, where he managed to bring together a trio of violins, and joining them together. Alex intends to challenge the notion that the violin is an instrument for soloists, where the Triolin was created in order to encourage its players to go beyond visual and aural communication, and this is executed through the creation of a space which requires direct physical interaction.

I am no musician myself, as the only keyboard that I can play is the QWERTY keyboard, but can someone out there with a musical ear and having had experiences with the violin before tell me whether it is possible for the three violinists to play a tune simultaneously? After all, musicians tend to move their heads and bodies in rhythm with the tunes that they play, so it would be rather awkward to see that setting play out with the Triolin. What do you think?

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