Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Christopher “Biz” Stone are now proud owners of holding patents, where the USPTO’s database did share more intimate details concerning a messaging system that allows users to follow one another, while showing off messages without having to send it over to a unique recipient. Of course, that is the long of it, and if you were to bring things down to a far more concise explanation, Twitter would be the word that you are looking for.

Now that the Twitter patent has been officially assigned to the social network, it goes to show what a long road it has been, considering how the application itself was filed in July 2008, where both Dorsey and Stone were listed as the intellectual property’s inventors. It is nice to know that Twitter announced their Innovators Patent Agreement that gives a detailed dossier on how the social network and its employees will use any of their work related patents for defensive purposes only, so do not expect them to pay a visit to any court house anytime soon as they go on the offensive.

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