It definitely has been a long wait for those who were patient enough, as the Txtr Beagle, an e-book reader that was specially devised to play nice with your smartphone, is made available over in the US after it was announced in October last year. Just how does the Txtr Beagle work for its business model? Well, you will first need to make an e-book purchase using your smartphone, before transferring the file over to the 5” Txtr Beagle using a Bluetooth connection.

This is the only method to do so, so make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth connectivity, as it lacks Wi-Fi support or USB capability. Hence, the only way the Txtr Beagle is sold is via wireless carriers in Europe who offers phone-like subsidies, allowing customers to pick up the Txtr Beagle for approximately $13 after conversion. It is nice to see the Txtr Beagle finally arrive on US shores, although you will need to fork out the full amount of around $70 for one of these puppies. Not the most ideal of arrangements for sure, and it remains to be seen how well it can perform in the US.

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