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Ubisoft has finally revealed details about the goodies that gamers will receive with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag special edition boxes. Standard, Buccaneer, Skull, Black Chest and Special Edition packages have been announced for Assassin’s Creed 4 which will be available when the game is released this October. These boxes will feature artbooks, figurines and exclusive day one downloadable content or DLC. Pre-order DLC includes ‘The Watch’ VIP program as well as custom player skins, more weapons and single player missions. Skull Edition will be available in UK with a Collector Jumbo Steel Case, two lithographs in protective envelopes, a high quality artbook and the DLC.

The Buccaneer Edition is exclusive to Gamestop in Ireland and Game in UK. It will have the same goodies as the Skull Edition and an Edward Kenway Figurine. The Black Chest Edition is a Uplay exclusive and has the most amount of goodies. Not only will it have everything offered in Skull and Buccaneer editions, it will also have a 55cm Diorama of Captain Edware, an exclusive artbook and Steelbook, two canvas prints, a collector’s box parchment of the world map in the game and to top it all of, an original replica of the Black Flag.

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