Late last year, we caught wind of an injectable foam made by Darpa that promises to stop internal bleeding. The foam is expected to save the lives of severely injured people who are being transported from completely bleeding out in transit, but what if you nick a jugular and placing a Hello Kitty band-aid just won’t stop the blood from pouring out of your neck?


NYU student Joe Landolina created something that may help keep your jugular intact called the Veti-Gel. The Veti-Gel contains a substance that, when applied to a wound, can stop bleeding immediately. A video showing the Veti-Gel in action features a delicious pork loin set up with a pump that is able to gush blood through it when an incision is made. Once the gel is applied, the bleeding completely stops, which we know you’ll need in order for your daily blood facials.

The way the gel works is it uses plant polymers to create a film that links with the human body which resembles skin. Treating topical wounds would be much easier with the Veti-Gel, although deeper wounds would probably need Darpa’s injectable foam. Either way, we hope whoever is treating your wounds will hopefully have both of those on hand whenever they become available and not a Hello Kitty band-aid.

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