Volvo has been announcing some great improvements to its upcoming vehicles as they introduced a high beam system that would shade your light to other vehicles last week and earlier today, the company announced it was teaming up with Spotify. That’s not all Volvo is announcing today as they may have made it safer for vehicles and bicyclists to share the road once again.

Volvo is announcing an update to its existing tech where their vehicles will automatically stop when a pedestrian is in the way to now stop when cyclists are riding their bikes too close to your car. The updated system detects objects through a combination of a grille-mounted radar and a camera located in the rear-view mirror to see whether it’s a pedestrian or cyclist that is in your way. If the vehicle detects a cyclist swerving in front of your vehicle in the same direction you’re traveling, the system will apply full brakes.

Volvo’s cyclist-spotting technology will start showing up in their vehicles starting mid-May with their new Volvo V40, S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80. Let’s just hope the guy driving behind you is aware you have such a system or we could image a number of rear-ends occurring.

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