If you are one who loves drinking wine and pairing it up with every single meal, then you might have heard of Casa Mariol before. They are rather obscure though, as Casa Mariol is actually a family owned winery that is located in Poland, and in order to promote their fine wine as a business gift, they decided to go off the beaten path by thinking outside of the box. Since their target market are potential business partners, Casa Mariol decided to ship wine samples to them in pens instead of in bottles of wine.

These pens were specially filled with a unique kind of ink that is based on the winery’s best Cabernet Sauvignon. Casa Mariol has enough faith that the wine itself boasts of a special bonding quality, resulting in the possibility of strong business relationships. Of course, before arriving at this unique business gift, the house of Casa Mariol did spend plenty of time experimenting with the concoction, until they managed to achieve a consistency level that allowed it to be visible, letting you write with wine just like a standard issue pen.

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