XCOM: Enemy Unknown Coming To iOS This Summer

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s developer Firaxis not only unveiled a mysterious trailer which we believe hints at more XCOM goodness coming in the coming months, but they also had a little treat for iOS users as they announced their recently released game will be making its way to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices everywhere later this summer.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS is a complete port of the popular PC & console strategy game and is said to not cut anything out as everything you can expect out of previously released versions of XCOM will be made available in its iOS version. “It is a straight port,” XCOM lead designer Jake Solomon says. “We have not made any gameplay exceptions. You play the exact same game… it’s just now fully playable on an iPhone or an iPad.”

Don’t expect XCOM: Enemy Unknown to be launched at the typical $.99 range that we all still have trouble spending money on as Solomon stressed the game will be treated as a premium product and will be priced accordingly. Considering Firaxis fit the entire XCOM game onto iOS without pulling any punches, we could easily see it being well worth its premium price.

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