It was early yesterday morning when we brought you word that Valve has washed their hands off any involvement concerning Xi3’s PISTON console, and so it is always nice to hear both sides of the story, as folks from Xi3 has something to say about their PISTON console. Xi3 mentioned via their CEO, Jason A. Sullivan, “We reaffirm the fact that we received an investment from Valve Corporation (as we previously disclosed during the 2013 International CES trade show), and we did so with Valve’s written permission. Second, we were asked to build a product specifically for Valve, and both companies showcased this product—the PISTON Console—in their respective booths at CES 2013. Then, during a meeting with Valve at CES, Gabe Newell personally asked me that we not disclose additional information about our relationship with Valve. We have honored that request and will continue to do so. That said, there are other items we need to cover.”

For the record, the PISTON console is not the official Steam Box, but Xi3 has not closed the door on a more formal involvement between Valve and Xi3 down the road. The PISTON console will also enable gamers to access Steam, in addition to offering support a slew of other Internet-based gaming and entertainment platforms – which would mean it offers far more compared to what Valve has penciled in for their official Steam Box. In a nutshell, the PISTON console would play a complementary role to the official Steam Box, and the market should be large enough to accommodate both of them. [Press Release]

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