Well, well, what do we have here? Google is proud to announce that their video content site known as YouTube has just made available YouTube One Channel to the masses, meaning everyone will be able to access it. Some of the more eagle eyed readers out there would have noticed that several YouTube channels have already featured a new look recently, thanks to a limited beta test being run along the way, not to mention this was a careful move after collecting and implementing plenty of feedback from creators.

I guess Google does not want to miss out on a revamp, considering how Facebook did introduce their fair share of changes just earlier this morning. Well, the whole idea of YouTube One Channel would be to make your new channel look stunning, regardless of the browser that it runs on. Not only that, it intends to assist you in converting more visitors into subscribers, while offering a slot for a channel trailer. It will definitely be interesting to see how Internet marketers are going to work on making YouTube a driver for them and draw more customers to their client(s) and site(s).

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