ab-codeThe Java code which saw action in last year’s Angry Birds artificial intelligence competition is no longer some sort of secret stashed away on the cloud or on someone’s hard drive, as it has been released into the wild. Wait a minute here, did we miss something? What do you mean by an Angry Birds artificial intelligence competition? Well, that was a tournament organized by the Australian National University’s Artificial Intelligence Group, where they decided that Angry Birds from Rovio would be the perfect game to test just how far artificial intelligence have come, as it takes plenty of smarts to squash those green, bloated pigs in the game and to score three stars for every level.

There will be a new competition in the same vein this year, although it will happen in Beijing this coming August. Those who feel that they have the necessary smarts required to come up with the perfect pig-squashing algorithm can place last year’s code into action by downloading and installing it, making modifications from there if you think that you can do better.

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