Apple iPads Used As Art Installation

multiple-ipad-double-helix-arrayApple’s iPad can be used for a variety of purposes. Reading, browsing the web, watching videos, playing games and etc. However to use it as an educational tool as well as make it a piece of art? That would be interesting but it seems that the folks at nClosures have done just that. Cooked up by one of the firm’s designers, William Coburn, the idea here is to take the iPads and use them to mimic the form of what is being studied. A good example would be in the photo above where the iPads have been used in a kiosk that resembles the DNA double helix, while at the same time the iPads are displaying information related to DNA and such.

nClosures also has a sketch on their website which resembles a tree where iPads are stuck at the end of “branches”, presumably to teach viewers about nature, trees, the environment and so on. It sounds like a good idea, not to mention the interactivity allowed by tablets would make this a more interesting way of learning things rather than watching videos on a screen. If you’d like to learn more about this concept, head on over to nClosure’s website for the details.

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