apple-palm-patentOne of the most popular companies in the world that has a rather tight sway on how they have made consumer electronics devices extremely sexy would be Apple, and they have successfully licensed a bunch of patents from Acces in a US$10 million deal which will include technologies from the lies of Palm, Bell Communications Research, and Geoworks. This particular deal will most likely assist Apple in shoring up its mobile device patent portfolio, and apart from that, also to avoid the possibility of legal fights that could brew due to infringement claims.

Just in case Access rings a bell in your mind, you would most probably have a little bit of insight on Palm’s history. Access was formerly known as PalmSource, which was the company that Palm spun off a fair number of years ago in order to develop Palm OS, the operating system for their range of handheld personal digital assistant devices. No idea on what Apple is going to do with the licensed patents, but perhaps they are taking a pre-emptive step in protecting themselves from lawsuits that could head their way eventually. $10 million is chump change to a company of Apple’s size, so you can say that this is money well spent.

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