We have been covering the AppGratis debacle every since it unfolded last week. AppGratis was a very popular app discovery app for iOS, Apple pulled it from the App Store saying that it violated their guidelines. The developers of this app are adamant that there are no violations, and they have even started a petition to garner support from their users who want the app back. A petition isn’t going to strong arm Apple, in fact that company has dealt another blow to AppGratis, by putting an end to its push notifications.

Since the app is no longer available for download, only those who had previously installed it were able to use the service. They will no longer be getting push notifications that AppGratis sent out informing its users of app offers. The French company will now work around this by launching a daily special offers newsletter that will inform subscribers about the latest app offers, which is the entire premise for this service. The company will also be developing an HTML5 web app. Despite all of its troubles with Apple, AppGratis CEO tells users that they’re just getting started.

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