space-630x400Apple’s retail stores have managed to gain the reputation for being big, brightly lit and modern with their choice of glass, metal and wood for its interior design, but could it be that Apple is getting tired of this design and might be looking to change things up? According to Marketing Magazine, that could indeed be the case as they claim that Apple has hired architecture firm, Foster + Partners, to work on new retail store designs for them.

As it stands, Apple has used Foster + Partners in the past to help with the design of their spaceship campus (pictured above), while they have turned to Foster + Partners’ competitor, 8 Inc., for creating their retail stores. While the retail stores look pretty good the way they are right now, if the spaceship campus is anything to go by, we would definitely be interested in seeing what the end result might be. Naturally Apple and Foster + Partners has declined to comment, claiming that they do not comment on rumor or speculation, and that any work with Apple is confidential to begin with.

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