artificial-leafThere is nothing quite like coming up with new inventions that have been inspired by nature. How else do you think man managed to achieve flight? Certainly it has nothing to do with wearing a pair of wings that are made out of wax and flying towards the sun! Well, there has been a new artificial leaf which is capable of producing energy with nothing but water and sunlight, and even better news is the fact that this artificial leaf has a self-regenerating ability.

Created by scientists over at MIT in a team led by Daniel Nocera, this artificial leaf will mimic the ability of natural plants that produces energy via the photosynthesis process. The “leaf” comprises of low-cost silicon and has been coated with hydrogen-oxygen catalysts, which were specially designed to initiate chemical reactions. Once water is introduced, the leaf’s catalysts will break down said water into hydrogen and oxygen, where gas that rises out will then function as the material to get the fuel cells going. Of course, the main highlight would be its ability to self-heal, making it all the more impressive.

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