at at walker star wars

We’re sure there’s no worse feeling in the world than having a child who is ill, especially if you are a parent who finds themselves helpless to make things better for their child. But this is a story of one parent making the most out of a rough situation, which we’re sure its outcome certainly helped the ill child feel better.

Stephanie Kaloi’s 4-year-old son went through surgery recently, which resulted in his knees being completely immobilized and required him to use a walker to help him get around. When Kaloi sent an image of the walker her son was using on Instagram, a friend suggested it looked like an AT-AT, which is how this AT-AT Walker came to be.

The art for the AT-AT Walker was created by Comic artist Ben Dewey and features the four-legged destroyer’s legs, head, and even a control panel that has an image of Darth Vader. Kaloi shares the experience her son had while using the AT-AT Walker, which we’re sure you’re going to want to read as it resulted in their son walking around the living room, shooting lasers at everyone for an hour.

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