audi-t-mobileThere is nothing quite like the feeling of driving a German marque around town, never mind if your neighbor has one of those fancy Italian exotics. For the average man on the street, owning a BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi would be a sign to those around that they have “arrived” on the working scene, so to speak, and that their career can only go nowhere else but up in the future. Well, for those who have worked hard and now want to enjoy the fruits of their labor by purchasing a new German ride, you might want to consider what Audi has in store for you, where their ride will not come fitted with Audi Connect.

Just what the heck is Audi Connect? Well, Audi Connect is a concept that revolves around an in-vehicle data plan, with T-Mobile being the mobile carrier of choice, and they have unveiled a couple of plans to tempt the masses. Basically, $450 will get you 30 months of “full data services” that will keep the infotainment system powered, where among the features it supports include Google Earth, real-time Sirius XM Traffic info and even Wi-Fi connectivity for eight devices simultaneously. Those who do not think that they see value in such a long-term commitment might want to settle for a monthly bill of $30 instead. [Press Release]

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