l_ts_gasha02-590x442In Japan, vending machines are a pretty big deal and they are everywhere. They dispense a multitude of objects, ranging from your average drinks, to hot meals, and even collectible toys. However it seems that there is one market segment that Bandai seems to think has been neglected, which is apparently the elderly women segment and the Japanese company is hoping to address that through a special vending machine.

Now instead of dispensing drinks, food or toys, this particular vending machine will instead dispense handkerchiefs featuring traditional Japanese Kabuki prints. There will be six different possible prints that one can get from the machine, and unsurprisingly each handkerchief will be sealed in capsules within the machine which will dispense them at 300 Yen each (~$3). A little odd but hey, there might be market for that and for vending machine chasers, we guess this is another machine you can add to your list!

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