bumYou know what they say, when nature calls, you simply got to go without taking detours. The thing is, if you happen to work in a huge office with limited bathrooms, timing is of the essence, not to mention the disappointment of having rushed all the way to the bathroom door only to find out that it has been occupied. Good to know that necessity being the mother of invention, has resulted in the Bathroom Usage Monitor, or BUM for short.

The BUM was developed by employees at Sanborn Media Factory where it will allow office drones to know just when a particular bathroom or restroom is free, and this is done via a desktop app. A light sensor and wireless connection were all it took for the BUM software to work, where you will be alerted each time there is a vacancy, with the option to clicking on the icon to check on its “occupancy rate” at your whim and fancy. Right now, the app does not alert you of gender-specific bathrooms, but I don’t suppose with a little bit more tweaks done to it, one is able to check out additional features?

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