bloomberg-terminalsTwitter recently introduced some changes to their micro blogging site, in the form of Twitter Cards, and here we are with another update on what else Twitter has been up to. Apparently, Bloomberg has just announced that they will be integrating Twitter feeds into its terminals. These are no ordinary terminals, as they deliver real-time, financial data to the desks of Wall Street traders. This announcement was in line with the SEC’s decision which was made earlier this week, touting that social media has finally made the jump to being a valid platform for corporate disclosures, although it goes without saying that both companies should have begun integration work a whole lot earlier before the official announcement.

This move would see Twitter grow up by another notch, where it underlines the growing importance of Twitter to function as a distribution platform when it comes to breaking, market-moving news. Jean-Paul Zammitt, head of sales and product development for Bloomberg Professional, explained in a statement, “When important news is shared on Twitter, traders and investors need to be able to access it, and validate its importance in order to incorporate that information into their decision-making process.” Tweetdeck definitely looks as though they are going to “suffer” from this latest Bloomberg integration.

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