Boeing 787 Dreamliner Battery Modifications Approved By FAA


It has been nearly four months since the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet was grounded due to troubles with its battery system. Overheating of the 787’s battery had lead to an emergency landing and an incident of smoke filling up in the cockpit. Since January, Boeing has been working on modifications for the battery system, which have now finally been approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. The certification testing for this new battery system was completed nearly two weeks ago.

Starting next week the FAA will send out instructions to airlines with Dreamliners on how to implement these new modifications. Soon after that happens the grounding order on 787 will be lifted. Boeing hasn’t exactly said when that will happen but it has already deployed teams all around the world to aid airlines in the installation of these modifications. The FAA will also be keeping a close eye on 787 battery system modifications in the U.S. fleet so as to assure proper installation, teams of inspectors will be deployed at modification locations. According to Boeing it takes five days per plane to make these modifications.

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