Granted, when most of us think of electric vehicles, chances are the more ambitious folks would refer to the likes of an electric sports car like the ones from Tesla, or for the more family oriented person, a Nissan Leaf would do the trick nicely. Well, there is a startup located in Sunnyvale, California, who wants to change the perception on what an electric vehicle should look like – and in the process, they have come up with what they deem to be the “world’s lightest electric vehicle” as it arrives in the form of a skateboard, accompanied by the moniker of Boosted Boards.

Boosted Boards proved to be quite the success over at Kickstarter last fall, where it managed to raise nearly half a million dollars so that there is enough funding to develop the 12-pound electric longboard. The Boosted Board will come jam packed with 2,000 watts of power (or 2.6 horsepower) underneath the hood, in addition to sporting a half dozen mile range on a single charge. There is no need to park or lock it, and best of all is, you do not get stuck in traffic. In fact, the Boosted Board will be equipped with a handheld remote for you to keep tabs on its throttle, brake control and battery life. You can still place a pre-order for the Boosted Board for $1,299 a pop if you’re interested.

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