delllteDell is venturing into unchartered territory at the moment, at least from their point of view, by throwing in 4G LTE wireless connectivity for their Windows 8-powered tablet. The tablet in question that we are referring to here would be the Dell XPS 10, where it will run on the RT version of Windows 8. Dell’s statement read, “Today, we’re introducing an AT&T 4G LTE mobile broadband version for US customers on, providing professionals with the same fast, reliable, high-speed internet connection as on their smartphones for connectivity anytime, anywhere.”

Hmmm, hopefully it will be able to live up to its reputation. After all, the Dell XPS 10 is somewhat an oddball tablet even in the midst of top-tier PC manufacturers, where it mostly boils down to the RT version of Windows 8 running underneath the hood. Not only that, the Dell XPS 10 is powered by a Qualcomm ARM processor instead of NVIDIA’s version. Well, if you want an LTE-totin’ Dell XPS 10, you would need to fork out an additional $100 for it, hitting $749 in the process, where it will be accompanied by 64GB of internal memory. In comparison, the 64GB iPad 4 with LTE would cost you $829 a pop.

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