Dell logoWhat did you do during the recent Earth Day celebrations? Well, folks over at Dell would surely be able to remember what happened even many years from now, as they opened up a new eco-learning center facility that will serve Dell team members, while promoting sustainable gardening and teach healthy eating. This Dell Eco-Learning Center will also double up as a place for team members to indulge in fitness activities, not to mention organize seminars on healthy eating.

I wonder whether all the PCs and notebooks used in the Eco-Learning Center will also be extremely “green”, if you get what I mean. Well, at the very least, there will be a dozen gardening beds that will see action in demonstrating concepts like using native flowers for landscaping, growing seasonal herbs and vegetables, and composting. Not only that, sustainable horticulture methods such as drip irrigation and organic pest control are also part of the mix for that added zest. It is nice and encouraging to see companies come up with various ways of doing their bit for our childrens’ future, no?

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