ebay_signIt is well-known that Google caters ads on its website based on what you search for. For example searching for cameras will display ads that are related to photography, such as camera retailer websites, photography courses and etc. It now seems that online auction website eBay is planning to do something similar as well. The company has announced (via AdWeek) that they are planning to share the browsing habits of their customers with third-party advertisers, ultimately following in the footsteps of other companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Instead of merely selling all of the data to marketing companies, eBay will instead choose to sell targeted advertisements to companies who are interested in reaching a specific audience, although we’re not sure what that could mean. Perhaps the way you bid on items and your preference of new versus secondhand could be taken into account, as well as the amount of money you’d be willing to pay for an item. Either way what do you guys think of this move by eBay? Do you think it could enrich your eBay experience?

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