firefox-21-betaWhen it comes to browsers on your mobile devices, there are many choices to choose from, and of course, some users might just swear on a particular mobile browser. Well, it goes without saying that sometimes in life, the most popular choice out there might not necessarily be the best, and this particular truth also goes in the opposite direction, that is, the less popular one could very well be one of the best out there. Case in point, some folks think that the Firefox browser for Android is the next best thing since sliced bread, although it is not the most popular browser on Google’s mobile operating system.

The Firefox 21 Beta was rolled out just a couple of days after the stable variant hit version 20, where it will bring with it a slew of new features to the Android platform. What’s new? Well, a couple of new fonts have been thrown into the mix, namely Open Sans and Charis, where they are touted to deliver “subtle, but hugely enjoyable” differences to the in-browser reading experience. Other than that, there will also be better HTML5 compatibility, where it picked up a score of 411+14 on

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