fly-tweetThey say that life imitates art, but sometimes, do you think that the saying also applies the other way around? Well, David Bowen has come up with his fair share of interesting installations in the past, where the @flycolony is one of them. The thing is, after being in operation for quite some time already (we first covered the story on @flycolony back in October last year), just how has it fared to date?

This particular project that is part science as well as part art is strictly based on insect flight patterns and other indicators, and the entire colony of flies will be your ordinary pests at the dining table, ready to pounce on any available goodies that are left open to them. The thing is, you are never going to get a dictionary out of them, and the chances of these flies typing out one of the Bard’s sonnets is as high as a room of monkeys with a bunch of typewriters. You basically get gibberish like “MMFCVVVCCCDW5GBGGVVCLK” and “5QQQ2Q22323232323434”, which ain’t too smart to begin with.

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