Google+ Emoticons Not An April Fools PrankWhat some might have thought to be an April Fool’s prank turned out to be the real deal, and it is always nice and pleasant to see initial “jokes” being reality. Google+, considered by some to be a rival to Facebook, being a “serious” social network of sorts, will now come with the added advantage of emoticons. Yes sir, in a Google+ post by Eric Murphy, he shared on how years of research by Google saw the team arrive at one indisputable conclusion – there is no better way to express one’s feeling online than through the use of emoticons.

Now, whenever you opt to upload a photo to your Google+ account, you will be able to take advantage of the emoticon option located right at the top. Press that button, and it will go ahead to analyze your facial expressions, while placing a relevant emoticon on your picture, and so far, initial experiments have proved that these emoticons were interpreted rather accurately. We do wonder whether Facebook will respond in kind, if ever. What do you think?

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