Google regularly performs the ole “out with the old, in with the new” on a number of its products and services, with the most recent service to get the axe, Google Reader, being one of the few products the Internet actually seems to care about. The company is announcing it will once again be ending one of its services, this time, the victim is Meebo.

Starting on June 6, Google will give its Meebo Bar publishing tool the axe in order for the company to focus on other projects like Google+ Sign-In and a number of plug-ins. Meebo is a JavaScript plug-in that allowed for websites to easily share their content on a number of different social networks as well as additional ways to share a website. Developers who are still using Meebo are encouraged to remove its soon-to-be inactive code for their websites as the Meebo Bar will cease to load starting June 6. Although, if you still use the Meebo Bar to this day, we’re hoping this will be the spark that will get you to adopt a new way of sharing your content to others.

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