gplus-ytIt seems that Internet search giant Google is currently testing out a new kind of program which will enable creators to link up their Google+ pages to their respective YouTube accounts and channels. This feature remains as a beta at the moment, so do not fret that you have yet to gain access to it. Basically, it works like this – once linked, all you need is a solitary Google account, and that single account is capable of managing up to 50 YouTube channels, now how about that?

Of course, as the owner, you will need to make the switch between accounts in order to manage each of them individually. Google also claims that linking accounts will help open up new features, where among them include improved video sharing, live Hangout broadcasting and the bonus of seeing a YouTube tab on Google+. In order to activate this feature, YouTube users are able to choose a “Connect with a Google+ page (beta)” option that can be found in their advanced account settings. Once there, you can choose from linking a new Google+ page, to linking an existing Google+ page which has been under the ownership or management of the YouTube account, followed by linking with a Google+ profile.

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