gta-actionSometime more than a week ago, we brought you word that Grand Theft Auto has managed to carve its way into Spotify and iTunes, where you will be able to find the entire slew of music playlists there. Well, here is more word on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 megahit. Wait a minute here, don’t you think that this is putting the cart before the horse? Not really, as we are pretty sure that the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto is going to be a hit, just like how any version of the iPhone (so far, at least) has been a best seller to date in their generation.

What you see above is a candid shot from an alleged set of a Grand Theft Auto V live-action commercial that has been leaked out. With Grand Theft Auto 5’s release date being tentatively set at September 17th, there are still some more months to go, but it does seem as though Rockstar has everything down pat so far. The leaked shot that you see above took place mid-city, with a couple and a police car alongside another car wrecked into a light post, which is pretty much GTA-related. Can’t wait for the real deal now, can we?

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