hoodieThe introduction of drones by the military have definitely done its bit to make sure that unnecessary loss of human life is minimized even further, as it allows the military powers to scout the land, looking out for insurgents as well as mapping out potential hazards from above, piloted by someone many hundreds of miles away. Well, having said that, terrorists might want to find something that keeps them out of these drones’ view – which is what the prototype hoodie you see here is all about.

Sporting wide square shoulders as well as an overzealous zip that goes all the way to the tip of one’s nose, it certainly makes life a whole lot harder for the person manning the drone to identify just who that targeted person on the ground is. The thing is, if you are one who is wanted by an opposing military power, dressing up like this just gives the game away that you are scared of being found, not to mention telling the rest of the world that you have extremely poor taste in fashion. Why not just disguise yourself well, in the same way as that of Sherlock Holmes and walk in broad daylight without being found out?

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