hp-windsornotWe have come across some interesting devices from HP before, and most recently, the HP Prime, which is not an autobot in secret, but rather, a color graphing calculator. Surely the HP Prime caters to an extremely niche market, and something that would carry far more mass appeal would be the HP WindsorNot, which has been touted to be a full-touchscreen webOS smartphone that made its rounds on the Internet in a promotional video but was never really released simply because there was no room in the mobile operating system market for webOS to thrive.


The HP WindsorNot has appeared yet again online in a bunch of leaked photos, and webOS Nation reported that this particular smartphone was originally in the pipeline for a launch right after the Pre 3 sometime in late 2011. Unfortunately, legend has it that HP webOS head back then, Jon Rubinstein, decided to allocate additional resources to the Pre 3 compared to the WindsorNot as he is restricted by limited assets, in addition to other factors. This caused the HP WindsorNot to be pushed back to 2012, which was too late by then to salvage the situation.

The HP WindsorNot prototype that you see here sports a 4-inch 800×480, a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor and 8GB of internal memory, with a microUSB port to boot. Ah, what could have been…

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