Huawei-HeadquartersA couple of days ago we reported that Huawei was apparently looking to shift its focus from the US market. Considering that the US market is one of the main markets and one of the bigger markets for manufacturers to break into, it did sound a little weird and sure enough it looks like something might have been lost in translation. Huawei has since stepped forward to clarify that they are not pulling out of the US market, or at the very least the Chinese company is trying to spin the statement into one that does not sound as absolute.

This was reported by the Beijing News who stated that Huawei’s executive vice president, Eric Xu, was simply stating that the company thinks that focusing on other markets outside the United States are just as important, and that it did not mean that Huawei would be abandoning the US market. If you’re a fan of Huawei’s products we guess this could be good news, although with the US government supposedly deeming Huawei (and its Chinese rival, ZTE) as “not to be trusted”, we guess they can’t be blamed if they wanted to take their business to somewhere else where they are a little more welcome.

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