IBM Movie Shows Off Atomic Scale Claymation

We have seen how IBM had come up with a new kind of storage device which is so small, we are not dealing in millimeters, but rather, at just the size of 12 atoms. A dozen atoms, that is all there is to it, and yet the folks over at IBM were able to store and retrieve digital 1s and 0s from its array. Having said that, IBM’s research division released a stop-motion movie that you can view in the video above, where the main protagonist is a stick figure that measures a mere few atoms in size.

“A Boy and His Atom” is the title of the story, where the character called Atom made friends with a single atom, and continued to play with his new friend as they danced, played catch and bounced on a trampoline. This will definitely not pick up any Oscars at the next Academy Awards, although the claymation marks a breakthrough in scientists’ ability to capture, position and shape individual atoms with utmost precision, thanks to the clever use of temperature, pressure and vibrations.

Read more about ibm and Science. Source: blogs.scientificamerican

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